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How to Fix Power Seats in a Ford Mustang

by Contributor

Owners of 1999 to 2003 Ford Mustangs may note an odd problem with their seats. The passenger seat may squeak as it rubs up against the door frame, panel or trim. A noise may make sitting in the passenger seat uncomfortable. To correct this problem, use the following procedures.

Step 1

Purchase the Seat Shim Kit 1R3Z-63000A25-AB.

Step 2

Remove the passenger seat. Then remove the backrest and latch.

Step 3

Unscrew the latch's two bolts and throw away the lower bolt.

Step 4

Screw in four of the provided 1.5 mm washers that came with the kit. Put them between the bracket of the seat's backrest and the cushion frame's bottom.

Step 5

Install the other four 1.5mm washers between the backrest latch and the seat's backrest frame where the upper bolt used to be.

Step 6

Put three 2mm washers between the backrest's latch and frame where the lower bolt used to be.

Reinstall the seat backrest latch with the kit-provided bolt. Put it in the lower hole. Replace the seat. Push the seat as far towards the center console as it will go before attaching and tightening the seat to the floor. Make sure the seat does not touch the door panel or any other affected areas before putting up your supplies and using your seat as usual.


  • Your service manual and workshop manual may come in handy while you are doing these repairs. Have them both on hand for easy reference.


  • Your seat's track may be springloaded. Be aware that movement may occur while you are removing the seat.

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