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How to Fix Power Seats in a Dodge Caravan

by Contributor

Drivers of 2001 and 2002 Dodge Caravans have reported problems with the power seats. In their complaints, they mention fore/aft movement in the seat that makes them uncomfortable, and in some cases, interferes with driving. However, a rocking power seat can be fixed by following these directions.

Step 1

Notice a rocking of the power seat as you break or accelerate your car while driving in traffic. Rocking will advise you of a loose power seat adjuster.

Step 2

Order a drive block screw for your car's power seat. Mention Part Number 05080982AA. Make sure you have a T-50 Torx Bit and a torque wrench on hand to perform the repairs, as well.

Step 3

Hoist the vehicle. Open the hood. Disconnect and isolate the negative battery cable. Disassemble the screws for the memory seat and mirror control module to the seat track if you are repairing the driver's seat. Leave the wires connected.

Step 4

Remove the four nuts underneath the car that that connect the power seat risers to the car floor. Reverse the hoist by lowering your car. Raise the power seat over its track mount. Lay the back of the seat against the floor so that you have access to the power seat's track.

Step 5

Use the torque wrench to unscrew the drive block screw from the lower track assembly. Look for the screw on the inboard side or the seat belt buckle side. Replace the screw with your new drive block screw and torque it to 28 Nm or 250 foot pounds.

Step 6

Replace the seat. Hoist the vehicle again. Reinstall the required nuts that attach it to the floor to 60 Nm or 44 foot pounds.

Lower your vehicle one final time. Reconnect the negative battery cable to restore functionality and make sure that your memory seat and mirror control module is screwed in again and working.


  • You may cause a trouble code to appear if you disconnect seating wiring.
  • Only replace the inboard screw. Replacing the outboard screw may cause damage to the seat track.

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