How to Troubleshoot Nissan Power Seats

by Jason Alexander
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Power seats can provide flexibility and comfort to car owners of all shapes and sizes. By using a series of adjustable settings, the user can move the chair to his or her liking. Some power seats also provide heating options that usually take about five to 10 minutes to kick in. If either the seat buttons or the heating button --- both of which are usually found on the lower left side of the driver's seat --- are not working, there are measures you can take to troubleshoot the problem.

Step 1

Check beneath your Nissan's power seat for trash or other debris. Whether it's an empty convenience store bag or an old apple, such items can easily disrupt the power chair's range of movement.

Step 2

Use a flashlight to look at the Nissan's seat rails for any obstructions like change or plastic bottle caps. These small items can get lodged in the track and prevent the power chair from moving.

Step 3

Inspect the power seat fuse if the seat is not moving at all. Reference your owner's manual for the exact location of the power seat fuse. If the link is broken or the fuse is burnt, you will need to replace it. You can find a new fuse at your local auto parts store.

Step 4

Log on to the Nissan website to find additional resources for troubleshooting your power seats, according to the specific make and model of your Nissan.

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