How to Disable a Suburban Alarm

by Rob Kemmett

The Chevrolet Suburban is equipped with a car alarm which is factory installed. The keyless entry system of the Suburban automatically disables the car alarm when you unlock the door. To manually disable the car alarm in your Suburban, you must disconnect a few wires inside of the driver’s side door.

Step 1

Open the power window console on the driver’s side door using your screwdriver to separate the console away from the door. Be gentle to avoid breaking any electrical connections.

Step 2

Lift away the panel underneath the power window console to expose some wiring.

Step 3

Cut the colored wire that corresponds with your Suburban’s factory alarm system. Each year has a different colored wire that leads to your alarm system, so check the Chevy car alarm diagram for the diagram of your Suburban’s wiring.

Step 4

Cover the exposed ends of wire with electrical tape to prevent bare wires from touching, which can cause electrical problems.

Step 5

Replace panel and power window console.

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