How to Repair a Jazzy Wheelchair

by Ann Rach
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Pride Mobility, the manufacturer of Jazzy power chairs, is a widely recognized company known for its high performance mobility products. Owners of Jazzy power chairs should be aware that electromagnetic energy may cause interference with the control system of their wheelchairs. Do not use cell phones or citizens band (CB) radios while operating your wheelchair to avoid potential problems. Of course, not all problems related to Jazzy wheelchairs are related to electromagnetic interference (EMI). If you encounter a problem that you believe isn't related to EMI, you should charge the batteries of your power chair before you attempt to troubleshoot and repair your device.

Step 1

Check the battery charger. Examine the red indicator on the charger. A solid red light shows power to the charger. A flashing red light indicates an interruption in power. To restore power to the battery charger, press the "Reset" button.

Step 2

Examine the Jazzy power chair for signs of water damage. Rain, snow and moisture threaten the electrical components of your unit. If the chair is wet and inoperable, use a towel to dry a wet control box. Move the power chair indoors and allow it to dry for 24 hours. Do not charge or operate the unit until it's completely dry.

Step 3

Reset the circuit breaker if you lose power to the wheelchair. The circuit breaker is located on the battery pack of the Jazzy. Press the "Reset" button to restore power to the unit.

Step 4

Examine all plugs and connectors. Connectors, such as the battery connector, motor connector, power seat connector and charger-inhibit connector, may become dirty over time. Use a cloth to remove dirt and debris, and confirm a secure connection between all plugs and connectors.

Step 5

Examine the axles. Remove debris from the driving axles. The power chair's driving axles are located in the drive wheel assembly. Cleaning the axles may enhance the performance of a sluggish power chair.

Step 6

Check for a loose connections to the battery. The Jazzy's battery should be wired as follows: red to positive (+) and black to negative (-).

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