How to Use a Sony Car Stereo

by Patrick Nelson
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Sony car stereo setups can include CD players and changers, satellite radio tuners, High Definition (HD) radio tuners and AM/FM radios. They can also have detachable faceplates for theft prevention purposes. (If you don't see any controls on the car stereo, the faceplate has been removed.) Common functionality across the range of car stereos include resetting the unit when using it for the first time, attaching the front panel or faceplate, setting the clock, turning on the unit and selecting the source, and setting the volume.

Step 1

Press the Reset button if you are using the unit for the first time or have replaced the car battery. Detach the front panel if it isn't already detached. Press the "Off" button and grasping the face plate press the Detach button. It's the button with the U-shaped icon with an arrow in it. Identify the Reset button (on the lower left side of the unit). Press it with a ballpoint pen.

Step 2

Re-insert the face plate. Engage the right side of the face plate with the right side of the car stereo unit and push the left side into position until it clicks.

Step 3

Prepare the card remote control. Remove the insulation film that separates the battery from the contacts. Slide out the film and discard it.

Step 4

Set the clock. Press and hold the Select button until the Setup display shows. Press the Select button repeatedly until "Clock-Adj" appears. Press "Seek +" and the hour indication will flash. Rotate the volume control to change the time. Press the Select button to enter the time.

Step 5

Press the Source button to power on the Sony car stereo. Press the button repeatedly to change between radio, CD, HD radio and other functions. If you have an MP3 player plugged into a jack, change the Source to "Aux." Rotate the volume knob to adjust the volume.

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