How to Fill the Transmission Fluid on a 2000 Saturn SL

by Elizabeth Arnold
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Unlike some cars, Saturn models are designed to have transmission fluid poured through the dipstick opening. The transmission dipstick has a yellow handle and is located between the battery and oil dipstick that is red. The opening is small, so you'll need a funnel with a very slim spout. Be careful not to overfill the transmission as it can lead to reduced lubricant coverage and overheating.

Step 1

Park your Saturn on a level work surface. Open the hood of your car by using the hood release and latch to expose the engine compartment.

Step 2

Locate the yellow dipstick handle near the battery. Grasp the handle and slide the dipstick out. Check the dipstick level to make sure fluid is needed.

Step 3

Slide the slim end of a funnel into the dipstick opening that leads into the transmission. Add the transmission fluid--Dexron type III--slowly.

Step 4

Remove the funnel once the fluid level is correct, and insert the dipstick securely. Start the Saturn and press the brake pedal. Slide the shifter through all the gears from the "P" to the "L" markings on the console. Move the shifter back to the "P" position, and pull on the emergency brake lever to activate it.

Step 5

Check the fluid levels in the transmission using the dipstick. Add fluid if needed by using the funnel and frequently checking the levels to avoid overfilling. Lower the emergency brake lever to deactivate the brake.

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