How to Add Transmission Fluid to a Acura Tl Transmission

by Melissa Kelly

Adding fluid to your Acura TL transmission is fundamental to the overall operation of your vehicle. Check the fluid level every 3,000 miles or three months to ensure you have the required amount. Doing so will not only keep your transmission in peak condition, it will also maintain your car's resale value.

Step 1

Check the existing fluid level. The transmission fluid should be checked when the transmission is hot, which is typically after 20 minutes of driving. With the car on a level surface, remove the dipstick, wipe it clean and then reinsert it firmly. Remove the dipstick again and check the fluid level while holding the stick horizontally. The fluid level should be between the second and third notches on the dipstick.

Step 2

Use a funnel to slowly add the transmission fluid into the dipstick tube. Periodically check the level on the dipstick and continue to add until the fluid level reaches the required level. Approximately 1 pt. of transmission fluild will raise the fluid level one notch level.

Step 3

Start the engine and shift into each of the available positions. Place the car back into park, apply the parking brake and turn the engine off. Verify the fluid level after shutting the car off and, if necessary, add additional fluid to bring it to the appropriate level.

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