How Do I Troubleshoot an Evinrude Power Pack?

by Erick Kristian
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There are specific steps to troubleshooting an Evinrude Power Pack. Often the trouble is with support components and not the power pack itself. The power pack supplies the power coils with timed charges so that they spark properly. Newer power packs are digital, and this makes them much harder to troubleshoot without special equipment. The power pack is an important part of the ignition system. If it is not functioning correctly, the engine will not run.

Step 1

Check the support parts. Examine all the connections and wires connected to the power pack. Tighten all loose connections and make sure the components connected to the power pack are functioning correctly.

Step 2

Check the triger coil, the ignition coil and the charge voltage coil. These all are essential components that help the power pack function correctly.

Step 3

Check for corrosion. Even if the engine is not used in salt water, corrosion can still occur over time. Check the power pack to make sure is is not corroded or physically damaged.

Step 4

Check to see if the cylinder sparks. If it does not, then the power pack may have been shorted. A short can occur from a poorly functioning ignition system. If the ignition system is old, the switch can turn on and off. This can cause the power pack to turn off or short. The solution is to replace the faulty ignition system.

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