How to Fix Power Seats in a Chrysler Town & Country

by Editorial Team

It's been reported that in the 2001 to 2002 Chrysler Town & Country vehicles, power seats malfunction during braking and accelerated. Drivers are often left with a rocking motion when they stop and go. Follow these tips to learn how to diagnose this problem and fix it.

Step 1

Note that your power seat seems to move in and out of place as you break or accelerate your car. This indicates that your power seat adjuster is loose.

Step 2

Get a drive block screw for your car's power seat by ordering Part Number 05080982AA, a T-50 Torx Bit and a torque wrench.

Step 3

Hoist the vehicle. Disconnect and isolate the negative battery cable underneath the hood.

Step 4

Disconnect the four nuts under the car that hold the power seat in place on the floor and lower your car. Raise the power seat over its mount and position it so that its back lies against the floor and gives you access to the seat track.

Step 5

Unscrew the drive block screw from the lower track assembly with the torque wrench. This will be located on the inboard side or the seat belt buckle side. Screw in your new drive block screw and torque it to 28 Nm or 250 foot pounds.

Step 6

Put the seat back in its place. Hoist the vehicle and reinstall the required nuts that attach it to the floor to 60 Nm or 44 foot pounds.

Step 7

Bring the vehicle back down. Reconnect the negative battery cable to restore functionality.

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