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How to Fix Power Seats in a Chrysler Sebring

by Contributor

A common power seat problem in the 2001 to 2005 Chrysler Sebring is that power seat functionality is compromised because of not enough lubrication and oxidation accumulation. Learn how to diagnose and fix this problem with the following tips.

Step 1

Lean into the backseat of the car behind the driver's seat. Shine a flashlight underneath the driver's seat and use a mirror to inspect the horizontal fore/aft adjuster screws. These screws can be identified as the long and horizontally placed screws underneath the seat.

Step 2

Remove the power seat by loosening and removing the bolts that keep it connected to the floor.

Step 3

Use a clean, wire brush to clean any mechanism that appears oxidized. Toggle the seat adjuster switch in both directions to clean all visible and non-visible parts. Toggling will also help you determine if the cleaning has restored full functionality.

Step 4

Use a generous amount of grease to coat the adjuster screw mechanisms. For best results, use the official grease that is meant to be used with Chrysler Sebring repairs--Part Number 05017414AA.

Step 5

Turn the adjuster seat switch on and off. Try all of its functions to make sure that they're all operational.

Replace the vehicle seat. Make sure the fasteners are torqued to 61 Nm (45 foot pounds) to ensure that the power seat will work optimally.


  • You will have to replace the seat adjuster if toggling the switch does not restore functionality.


  • If you don't torque your seat correctly, it can lead to additional power seat problems, including a rocking back and forth motion.

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