How to Fix a Car CD Player With a CD Stuck in the Player

by Matthew Fortuna

Since the early 2000s, most automobiles have come equipped with standard CD players. These players, while advancing in technology by manufacturers each year, are prone to breaking and errors. One of the most common errors on these players happens when a CD gets stuck in the player. There are a variety of steps you can take to remove your stuck CD from your player without damaging either the player or the CD.

Turn your ignition to the "Acc" position and press and hold the eject button on your player for up to three minutes to attempt to eject the CD manually.

Press the "Reset" button on your CD player, and then press and hold reset. The reset button is often a small black indentation that must be pressed with a pen or an unbent paper clip.

Carefully remove the faceplate of your CD player and press eject. Attempt to grab your CD from just within the player as you are closer to it without the faceplate.

Press and hold eject on your player and attempt to insert a disc into your player underneath the stuck disc. Attempt to push the stuck disc up into the ejection track.


  • close Don't force anything. If these gentler approaches don't work, consult a professional rather than risk damaging your car audio equipment.

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