How to Fix an Instrument Cluster

by John Johnston

The instrument cluster in your vehicle is one of the most important electrical components, as it provides you with key information needed when you take your vehicle out on the road. If the instrument cluster becomes damaged in any way, you should remove it from the dash in order to repair or replace it. If it is a case of broken bulbs in your cluster, you simply need to replace them. For anything more serious, you should look to replace the whole cluster.

Open up the hood of your vehicle. Locate the battery, then loosen the clamp bolt on the negative terminal with a wrench. Lift the negative cable away from the terminal.

Enter the driver's seat and press the tab behind the steering wheel which allows you to alter the position of the wheel. Lower the steering wheel to its lowest possible position within the steering column.

Remove the two screws which are attached to the bezel with a Phillips-head screwdriver. The bezel is either plastic or rubber and is attached to the dashboard around the instrument cluster. Remove the bezel from the dash.

Unscrew the three mounting screws that fix the instrument cluster in to the dash. Slide the cluster out of the dash. Disconnect the electrical wiring from the rear of the cluster. Remove it from the vehicle and place it on a flat surface.

Turn the damaged bulbs from the cluster in a counterclockwise direction until they come free from the cluster. Turn the new bulbs in the opposite direction until they are fixed securely in place. To install a new instrument cluster, simply follow the removal steps in reverse.

Attach the negative cable back on to the battery terminal. Turn on the engine to check that the instrument cluster is working correctly.

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