How to Fix an Air Leak in a Car Window

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

An air leak coming from your car's window can mean one of two things: You have a problem with your window, or you have a problem with your window weatherstripping. Life would be much easier if all automotive problems were so easy to diagnose. Learn how to determine why you have an air leak and how to take care of it.

Step 1

Raise your window completely and examine the area where the glass meets the weatherstripping. If the glass does not touch the weatherstripping, your car window is probably off track. You'll need to visit a repair shop to have the window realigned.

Step 2

Examine your weatherstripping. If it is bulging or sagging in some areas, your window will have air leaks and excessive road noise. Push the weather stripping up into its mount to secure it. If that doesn't work, you will need to replace it.

Step 3

Purchase replacement weatherstripping for your car. Try to stick with factory-replacement products to ensure compatibility. Make sure it is specifically for your car and for the correct window.

Step 4

Lower the window and pull off the old weatherstripping. Car window weatherstripping is attached by small plugs; it will come off with a little bit of force.

Step 5

Attach the new weatherstripping with the plugs. Pay attention to the mounting position and the plugs. Make sure all they plugs are properly inserted into the mount.

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