How to Replace a Camper Shell Sliding Window

by Zach Lazzari
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Sliding camper shell windows are positioned in a track. Removing and replacing the camper shell window is relatively simple with a small socket or crescent wrench. Finding a replacement window requires ordering directly from the manufacturer or purchasing a custom piece of glass from a glass shop. Cutting a new window from plexiglass is also an excellent budget option. Replacing the window is accomplished by a single person in less than one hour, not counting the time spent locating and purchasing the replacement window.

Step 1

Wear a pair of thick gloves and remove any broken glass from the window track and camper interior. Place the glass in a durable trash container to reduce the danger of sharp edges.

Step 2

Use a socket or crescent wrench to remove the screws from the track. The screws are located on the interior side of most camper shell windows. Place the screws in a safe place to prevent loss.

Step 3

Pull the interior side of the track to create separation from the window. Do not pull the track off of the camper shell. A small gap is sufficient for the window replacement. Inspect the track and remove old glass and debris from the tight space. The track must have a clear slot for the new window.

Step 4

Inspect the window seal for damage before installing the new window. The seal is the rubber on either side of the track. Look for breaks and white rotting to indicate a poor seal. Remove the old seal with a putty knife and replace it with a new adhesive-backed seal. Adhesive-backed window seals are available through most hardware stores.

Step 5

Slide the window handle to the open position. The handle is a piece of plastic that sits on the track. Place the new window in the track with one end aligned with the handle. The end will fit inside of the handle slot. Replace the screws and tighten them with the socket wrench. Test the new window.

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