How to Find an F150 Airbag Control Module

by Richard Ristow

A Ford F150's air bag control module is in the truck's Supplemental Restraint System's central computer. The module governs all the air bags within the truck, and it also interacts with the system for signs of problems. If a problem is sensed with any of the air bags, the SRS warning light will activate on the F150's dashboard. Locating the module is fairly simple; however, the SRS system is complex and most repairs should be deferred to a trained professional.

Step 1

Ensure the Ford F150 is completely off. Pop the hood and remove the negative cable from the negative post on the F150's battery. Wait five minutes, so that any remaining power within the truck drains out. This is an absolutely necessary precaution. Anytime you work in the vicinity of the dashboard or any air bag components, the SRS system must be disabled. This will keep the air bags from accidental deployment.

Step 2

Open the passenger-side door and locate the right kick panel. It will be the the right side of the passenger's side leg-space.

Step 3

Loosen the right kick panel. Depending on the model and year of F150 truck, you should be able to pry it off with a trim tab or a flat head screwdriver wrapped in tape. There may be retaining clips behind the panel. In order to avoid any damage to the panel, lever it off slowly. If you meet any signs of resistance, stop and investigate the obstruction.

Step 4

Remove the right kick panel. The air bag control modue will be behind it.

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