Explorer Third Row Power Seat Problems

by Rebekah Worsham
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The Explorer, a mid-size sports utility vehicle manufactured by the Ford Motor Company, has experienced a variety of issues related to its third-row seating. These problems vary from minor inconveniences to major issues that may pose safety concerns and necessitate the replacement of the entire seat.

Seat Won't Elevate

Most Ford Explorers are equipped with power seating. Power seating allows the user to adjust the seat to meet their individual preferences through the push of a button, permitting the user to raise, lower or move their seat forward or backward. When the seat will not elevate, a common culprit is a bad motor gear. Over time, the motor that is responsible for allowing the seat raise or move forward or backward may become worn, causing failure of the motor to operate properly. When this occurs, it is oftentimes necessary for the motor to be replaced in order for the seat to operate properly.

Heated Seats

The Ford Explorer also offered heated seats on both driver and passenger seats. While heated seats can be an added luxury, heated seats that fail to work properly can sometimes present a safety hazard. In order to operate the heat feature on the Ford Explorer, the user must push the heat activation button located on the instrument panel on the side of the seat. To turn the heat option off, the button should be pressed again. If the heat fails to shut off, this may indicate a wiring issue that is preventing the heat option from deactivating. Heated seats that fail to shut off on command can lead to serious burns and may need to be replaced in order to prevent harm.

Seats Won't Fold

Another common problem with Ford Explorer third row seating is seats that will not fold down into the floor in order to create a cargo area. When this occurs, a common culprit is head rests that are not folded down enough to allow the seat to collapse. Pulling the black tab forward under both headrests should allow the headrest to fold down completely. From there, try to fold the seats down as usual. If the seats fail to fold after ensuring that your headrests are fully folded, this may indicate a problem with the release, which will need to be inspected by a certified mechanic to determine whether or not the seat is repairable or will need to be replaced.

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