How to Drive a Humvee

by Editorial Team

Many people assume that driving a humvee is like operating any civilian vehicle, but the humvee is in a class of it's own. The "high mobility multi purpose wheeled vehicle" is exactly that and requires a different approach to driving.

Step 1

Switch it on. There is no key, so switch to the "On" position until an orange light comes on. The glow plugs have to warm up because of the diesel engine. You must wait for the orange light to disappear before continuing.

Step 2

Crank the engine by turning the lever to the right. All military vehicles now have automatic transmission, which should operate on the same principles as a regular vehicle.

Step 3

Turn your lights on. The switch is found on the left hand side of the forward console next to the gauges. Headlights should be on day and night for increased visibility.

Step 4

Release the handbrake which is located on the right in the center console and put the vehicle in drive. Older models have a release lever, which needs to be switched to service drive.

Step 5

Maneuver. Humvees are wider than regular civilian models, and you must remember this when trying to move through tight spaces. The heavy duty suspension also makes for a rough ride.

Step 6

Keep moving. Especially if in a war zone, it is important not to stop. By continuously moving, you will limit the risk of an attack, as you are a more difficult target.

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