How to Engage the 4WD in a Chevy Tahoe

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski
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Some Chevrolet Tahoe trim packages come with 4WD (four-wheel drive). If your Tahoe has this feature, you can easily engage the four-wheel drive mode. On older vehicles, this was often a pain; however, on the Tahoe, the 4WD shifter has been replaced by a simple dial. There are two versions of four-wheel drive in the Tahoe--4WD Low and 4WD High.

Step 1

Crank your Tahoe's engine. Shift your Tahoe into "Neutral." Release your foot from the brake pedal. You should begin coasting slowly.

Step 2

Turn the 4WD dial to "4 Down." This is four-wheel drive "Low" mode. "Down" is displayed on the dial by a downward-facing arrow.

Step 3

Inspect your odometer. You should see a flashing symbol that shows "Four-Wheel Drive Low."

Step 4

Wait for the symbol to stop blinking. It should remain steady. Shift the gear selector back into "Drive" to begin driving in 4WD.

Return the gear selector back to "Neutral" when you are ready to shift back into two-wheel drive. Allow the Tahoe to coast slowly. Turn the dial to "2." When the light stops blinking, shift back into "Drive."

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