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How to Reset a Compass on a Toyota FJ Cruiser

by Randy Bobzien

There are two calibration procedures that you can perform for the compass in your FJ Cruiser. The deviation calibration must be performed anytime your vehicle has been permanently moved to a different geographical location. The second calibration is the circling calibration that calibrates the compass to magnetic north. You may have to perform both of these procedures for the compass to work accurately, so be sure you perform these procedures in an area where you can drive in a complete circle when prompted.

Deviation Calibration Procedure


Turn on the ignition and press the "Set" button on the outside temperature display until the zone number is displayed in the outside temperature display.


Refer to the calibration map in your owners manual. Then press the "E/M" button repeatedly on your temperature display until the zone number matches the zone where you are located on the map in your owners manual.


Push and hold the "Set" button until the temperature display reverts back to displaying temperature.

Circling Calibration Procedure


Turn on the ignition and push the "Set" button on your temperature display until the zone number is displayed in the temperature display


Press the "Set" button again so the display will revert to displaying two dashes "--"


Drive in a circle at about five miles per hour. Your temperature display will revert back to displaying outside temperature when the calibration is complete. If "Er" is displayed, the calibration did not complete. You will have to repeat the circling calibration procedure again.


  • These reset procedures are the same for all FJ Cruisers. If you have a failure of the circling calibration on more than two attempts it is likely you are in an area where the earth's magnetic field is being interfered with, you may need to try this procedure in another location.

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