How to Activate an Outside Temperature Display on a Ford Focus

by Ashley Hay

The Ford Focus has a display window that allows you to observe the temperature inside and outside of your vehicle. Adjusting the settings for your climate readout can be accomplished while your vehicle is running. The device will save your preferred setting when your vehicle has been turned off. Changing your setting only takes a minute and can be accomplished at any time.

Step 1

Start your Focus’ engine.

Step 2

Locate the Climate button above your radio. The “Climate” button is among various control buttons for the radio, clock and gas mileage indicator.

Step 3

Press the “Climate” button to observe the two different display settings. The first setting is the temperature inside your Focus, and the second setting is the outside temperature.

Step 4

Press the “Climate” button two times to display the outside temperature. Your Focus will continue to display the outside temperature until your press the “Climate” button again.

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