Instructions on How to Use 4-Wheel Drive on a Nissan Pathfinder

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski
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The Nissan Pathfinder is available with four-wheel drive, although the feature is not standard on all Pathfinders. If your Pathfinder is a four-wheel drive model, you'll see a switch to the left of your steering wheel. This switch has the labels "4L," "4H," and "2H" on it. Using the four-wheel drive in your Pathfinder is simple, especially when compared to using the four-wheel drive in some older vehicles without automatic four-wheel drive switches.

Step 1

Stop your Nissan Pathfinder, but leave the engine running. Move the gearshift to "Neutral" and step on the brake pedal to keep the vehicle from moving.

Step 2

Turn the four-wheel drive switch to "4H" to move to four-wheel drive "High" mode. This mode is best suited for gravel, rocky or slippery surfaces. Put the gearshift back into "Drive" and accelerate slowly to drive in four-wheel drive.

Step 3

Turn the switch to "4L" to move into four-wheel drive "Low" mode. Reserve this driving mode for extreme off-road conditions. Drive slowly (less than 30 miles per hour) while in "Low" mode.

Move your gearshift back to "Neutral" and step on the brake when you are ready to move back to two-wheel drive mode. Turn the switch to "2H" to return to normal driving mode.

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