Instructions on How to Use 4-Wheel Drive on a Nissan Pathfinder

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski
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The Nissan Pathfinder is available with four-wheel drive, although the feature is not standard on all Pathfinders. If your Pathfinder is a four-wheel drive model, you'll see a switch to the left of your steering wheel. This switch has the labels "4L," "4H," and "2H" on it. Using the four-wheel drive in your Pathfinder is simple, especially when compared to using the four-wheel drive in some older vehicles without automatic four-wheel drive switches.

Step 1

Stop your Nissan Pathfinder, but leave the engine running. Move the gearshift to "Neutral" and step on the brake pedal to keep the vehicle from moving.

Step 2

Turn the four-wheel drive switch to "4H" to move to four-wheel drive "High" mode. This mode is best suited for gravel, rocky or slippery surfaces. Put the gearshift back into "Drive" and accelerate slowly to drive in four-wheel drive.

Step 3

Turn the switch to "4L" to move into four-wheel drive "Low" mode. Reserve this driving mode for extreme off-road conditions. Drive slowly (less than 30 miles per hour) while in "Low" mode.

Step 4

Move your gearshift back to "Neutral" and step on the brake when you are ready to move back to two-wheel drive mode. Turn the switch to "2H" to return to normal driving mode.

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