What Do I Need for a Nissan Altima Tune Up?

by Justin Cupler
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The Nissan Altima has a 2.4-liter, in-line four-cylinder engine. Nissan recommends a basic tune-up every 105,000 miles, as it uses special spark plugs that do not require replacement as frequently as others may.

Spark Plugs

The most important part of any tune-up is attention to spark plugs. The Nissan Altima uses only platinum-tipped spark plugs, which last up to 105,000 miles. These plugs must have a gap between the ground and center electrode, at the base of the plug, of .043 inches. Keep in mind that platinum-tipped plugs' gaps cannot be adjusted. If the gap is inaccurate, you must replace them with properly-gapped plugs.

Spark Plug Wires

The spark plug wires need not be replaced during a tune-up, but they must be tested for excessive resistance. Inspecting the exterior of the wires for cracks or brittleness is important as well.


A ratchet is the tool that loosens the spark plugs. A spark plug socket is a standard socket with a rubber insert to hold the plug in place for easy insertion and removal. The single-most important tool in a tune-up is a torque wrench, which tightens the spark plugs to their proper torque of 14 to 22 foot-pounds.

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