How to Tighten a Valve Stem

by Jay Angel

Valve stems are used to keep the air in a tire. They have a pin in their center that is depressed in order to allow air into the chamber, then immediately pops up to keep the air in. Once in a while this stem will become loose and cause a leak in the tire; when this happens, the valve stem must be tightened.

Step 1

Turn the valve stem clockwise as far as you can with your fingers.

Step 2

Hold the valve stem while you turn the valve tool clockwise onto the top of the valve stem. This action will attach the valve tool to the valve stem.

Step 3

Continue turning the valve tool clockwise until the stem is tight.

Hold the valve stem and turn the valve tool counterclockwise to remove the tool from the stem.


  • Do not overtighten the valve stem. Doing so can cause the stem to break and allow the air to escape.

Items you will need

  • Valve stem insertion/removal tool

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