How Do I Get a Replacement Lost Car Key Made?

by Steve Smith

Today's automobiles use one of several advanced car key systems. A laser key uses a laser to unlock the car door. A keyless entry radio frequency car key uses a transponder that sends a specialized frequency to the car to unlock the door. Each key also has a special pattern cut into the surface in case you open the door the old-fashioned way with the key itself. Either way, getting a new set of car keys to replace a lost set requires the same procedure.

Locate your car information including the make, model and year along with the VIN number. The make, model and VIN are listed on your insurance card, your dealer invoice or car registration.

Inform the dealer of your situation and inquire about the car key replacement service. If the dealer installed your keyless system, he will be able to replace your keys.

Contact a keyless entry system locksmith such as Keyless Ride, or EasyCare. These companies replace keyless car keys online by make, model and year, and they have several locations around the nation. Call them with your vehicle information and have your new keys made and sent to you.

Request the car key codes from the dealer who sold you the car or from the bank that loaned you the money for your car. Take these key codes to a professional locksmith in your area and have new car keys made on site. This is an option for many but not all vehicles.

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