How to Replace a Lost Key for Vehicles

by Contributing WriterUpdated June 12, 2017

If you've lost both keys to your Vehicles the easiest way to solve this most common of bike problems is with the small metal key tag that came with the Vehicles keys Vehicles the time of purchase. A locksmith may be able to create a new key that fits the lock, but many contemporary cycles have an electronically coded ignition; the key must have an electronic chip in it, with the proper code, in order to start the bike. The numbered code on the key tag gives the dealership the information they need to order you a new key with the proper coding.

Under The Hood:

 How to Replace a Lost Key for a 1999 Audi

Gather together important documentation. This includes your car's registration, vehicle identification number (usually found on the dash) and driver's license. You should also have your proof of ownership on hand so you can show the car is not stolen.

Contact a locksmith. Tell the locksmith the make, model and VIN of the vehicle car you need a key for. The locksmith will be able to tell you whether he is able to cut that particular key for you. If not, then you would have to go an Audi dealership.

Visit the Audi dealership. It is possible they may replace the key for you for a one-off fee, or be able to point you in the right direction with regards to where you should go to replace the key.

Take your query straight to an Audi expert who will be able to give you further advice and will guide you through any processes necessary to secure a replacement key for your Audi.

Items you will need

  • Car documents

 How to Replace a Lost Key for a Suzuki Motorcycle

Locate the small metal key tag provided with your motorcycle keys at the time of sale. If you purchased the motorcycle used, and the tag did not come with it, check inside the owner's manual. Sometimes the original purchaser will have recorded the key code there.

Provide the number on the key tag to your local Suzuki dealership. They will use this to order one pre-cut key for you.

Purchase a duplicate key from the dealership at the same time you pick up the replacement key. They'll be able to provide the correct electronic coding so that if you have an electronically coded ignition, both the duplicate and the new original key will work.

Items you will need

  • Original key tag

 How to Replace a Lost Key for a 2006 Toyota Sienna

Determine whether your car has the engine immobilizer system (an anti-theft system) or not. Your keys will look differently depending on what system you have. Cars with the engine immobilizer system will have a thick black or gray cover near the top of the keys, while cars without this system will have keys with a gray cover near the top of one of the master keys and then two keys without any colored cover near the top.

Look at the key number plate that should be attached to one of your keys. The key number is what a Toyota dealer needs to make duplicate keys.

Visit a Toyota dealership. Using the key number, you can order new keys. If you have the engine immobilizer system, you must have at least one of the master keys to make a duplicate. If your 2006 Toyota Sienna has the engine immobilizer system and you make your own duplicate key, it will not work at starting the engine. A special built-in transponder chip is inserted in the key, and your dealer can make that. If you’ve lost all your master keys and you have the engine immobilizer system, then the whole system must be replaced. New keys cannot be made without replacing the system.

 How to Replace a Lost Key for Dodge Van

Locate the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of your Dodge van. This may be on the driver's side of your dashboard, right under the hood at the front of your engine, or stamped on the front of your frame near the driver's side wheel, depending on the make and year of your van.

If the lost key does not have a smart chip, call several locksmiths to estimate the price of replacing your key. If it does have a smart chip or transponder, call your Dodge dealership.

Bring your license, title, registration and VIN to your Dodge dealership, along with a spare key if you have one. Newer models will most likely have a transponder in the key, and only Dodge will be able to replace the key for you.

Items you will need

  • VIN (Vehicle Registration Number)

  • Spare key

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