Where to Get a Volkswagen Beetle Key Copied

by Jerry Garner
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Lost or damaged keys can be a nightmare. If you can't gain entry to your Volkswagen or start it, you may as well not have one. Fortunately, this headache can be avoided by simply keeping a backup key and making new replacement keys as soon as they are required. This is not a difficult task, but the smart keys the Volkswagen uses today may require you to go to a locksmith with special blank keys. This usually isn't a big deal as long as you know where to go.

Volkswagen Dealership

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Any Volkswagen dealer should be equipped to help you with replacement keys. Going to the dealer is usually more expensive than going to a standard key grinder, but in some cases you may not have a choice. If your Volkswagen smart key has a microchip inside it, you must have a special key programmed and this key can only be obtained through a Volkswagen dealership.

In the event of smart keys, you may have to wait two to three weeks for the new key to arrive. These keys usually have to be programmed at the nearest factory and then shipped to the local dealer for you to pick up. Keys that do not contain microchips can be processed on-site in a matter of minutes.

Auto Parts Store

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Any auto parts store is equipped with a basic key grinder that can copy most Volkswagen keys. Larger franchise locations may even be capable of selling smart keys, although they will still be ordering them through the local dealership and then marking up the price. Because of this, going directly to the dealership is recommended for smart keys, but auto parts stores are the cheapest way to go for all standard key duplication. Consider making a couple of extra copies and giving one to someone you trust. This is helpful if you ever find yourself locked out of your vehicle and need someone to bring you a spare key.

In addition to auto parts stores, you can also have standard keys created at hardware stores. Any retail store that has an automotive department is also capable of making standard key copies for Volkswagen vehicles.

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