How to Deactivate a Passlock on a 2002 Chevy Silverado

by John Smith
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To prevent someone from using a fake or non-registered key in your Chevrolet Silverado, GM installed an anti-theft system called Passlock. When the wrong key or other tool is used to crank the ignition, the Passlock system disables the truck's fuel system. Without the fuel system working, your Silverado engine is impossible to start. If someone has engaged the Passlock system and your Silverado is not functioning anymore, you can disengage the security measure using the original Silverado ignition key.

Step 1

Turn off the ignition and remove the key if the key is already in the truck.

Step 2

Open the Chevrolet door and wait until the Security light stops flashing. This light informs you that someone has recently tried to start the engine without the right key. Trying to start the engine before the light stops flashing, even if using a verified ignition key, will cause the Passlock system to engage again.

Step 3

Insert your programmed Silverado key into the ignition hole.

Step 4

Turn the key clockwise until the engine cranks. As soon as the engine cranks up, be sure to release the key. If the engine will not crank then you might have an error with your key. Take the key to your local Chevrolet dealer and have them reprogram it to your particular Silverado.

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