How to Reset a Passlock to Restart the Fuel Pump on a 99 Tahoe

by John Smith
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The mid- to late-90s versions of the Tahoe used a passive security system called "Passlock." Unlike the active anti-theft system which sets off an audible and visual alarm as a warning, the passive system simply shuts down the car ignition. Only your programmed Tahoe key can start the car engine, and other keys that attempt to do the same will engage the Passlock system: Fuel is disabled and there is no way to crank the Tahoe engine. When this happens, you will need to reset the Passlock system, so that you can again drive your car.

Step 1

Unlock the Tahoe driver's door and insert the key into the car's ignition.

Step 2

Turn the key to the "Run" position. This is the position where the ignition is on, but the engine is not. Wait five seconds for the security light to go off, then crank the engine. If the engine does not crank, continue to step 3.

Step 3

Leave the ignition key in the "Run" position for 90 seconds, or until the security light stops flashing again. Retry cranking the engine.

Step 4

Remove the key, exit the car and lock the doors if the engine doesn't start. Unlock the car again and repeat step 3 again. If the Passlock still won't reset and you can't start your car's engine, you may have a faulty or non-programmed car key. In that case, you must contact the Chevrolet dealership and get them to reprogram or replace the key.

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