How to Replace a Honda Car Key

by Adriana Colindres
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Losing the car key to a Honda is something you will want to avoid unless you had the foresight to keep a spare immediately on hand. Getting a replacement key is simple if you have kept the key number tag. However, the task becomes quite a bit more challenging without the key number tag, which provides the key-maker with necessary data. Replacing the key may get expensive because most modern-day Honda keys are technologically sophisticated devices with electronic circuits that let you to do things like lock the car doors remotely. In addition, a Honda car equipped with "immobilizer" anti-theft protection will not start unless a properly coded key is inserted in the ignition.

Step 1

Locate the key number tag that you should have received along with the car keys when you acquired your Honda vehicle. For late-model Hondas, the tag is typically a small piece of plastic, measuring about one inch by two inches, displaying a bar code and some numbers. For older Hondas, the tag might be a piece of metal with numbers stamped into it.

Step 2

Find a Honda dealer, and place your order for a new key. The dealer will use the key code data from the tag to make your replacement key. Other businesses besides authorized Honda dealerships may offer to sell you a blank key, but it still will have to be cut and programmed at a Honda dealer if your car is equipped with the immobilizer theft-deterrent device.

Step 3

Decide which kind of Honda car key you want: a master key or a valet key. Both will start the ignition. The difference is that a master key with a remote transmitter will let you lock or unlock the car doors from a short distance away. Some master keys also let you remotely open the trunk. A valet key lacks the remote device but will open a car door if inserted in the keyhole. It will also open the trunk, as long as the trunk release handle has not been locked.

Step 4

If you cannot locate your Honda's key number tag, contact the dealer where you bought the car. The dealer might have recorded the key code information when he sold you the Honda. Even if the dealer does not have that information on hand, he should be able to advise you on how to get a replacement key. This process might take some time and will likely require you to prove ownership of the car.

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