How Do I Get a Replacement Key for a Prius?

by J. Johnson
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We're all forgetful at times and losing things, especially small objects that we carry everywhere, is just part of human nature. The makers of Prius have designed a revolutionary "smart key" for their vehicles. But like any other key, you can lose it. Unfortunately, replacing a smart key involves technology that doesn't come cheap. While replacing a key used to cost just a few dollars, now it will cost you a few hundred dollars.

Step 1

Locate any other keys you have for your Prius. If you have another key, it's easier to acquire a replacement.

Step 2

Visit the dealer where you purchased your Prius to obtain a new key. If you have traditional keys, the dealer can provide you with a replacement key. If you have a smart key, your dealer will quote the replacement price. This is usually around $300.

Step 3

Call around to local licensed locksmiths. Certain states have enacted laws where car companies must give their key codes to licensed locksmiths. If this is the case where you live, there is a chance that you will be able to replace your Prius smart key for a lower price than through the dealer. If you do not have this choice, your dealer will be your only option for replacing your smart key.

Step 4

Make an appointment with either the dealer or the locksmith to have your smart key replaced. Expect to wait about an hour for the entire process.

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