How to Locate a Lost Smart Key for a Prius

by Tiffany Raiford
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Locating lost car keys is a matter of knowing where to look. The problem is, if you knew where to look your Prius' keys, theyy wouldn't really be lost. Other than a thorough search and good luck there isn't another method you can use to search for your lost Prius car keys. If you can't find them you'll have to replace them. Since your Prius key is a smart key, your Prius is a 2004 or newer model and your replacement keys are significantly more expensive than older model replacement keys.

Step 1

Search for your missing car keys. Unfortunately, there are no remotes, signals or devices that can locate your missing Prius smart keys. Re-tracing your steps from the last time you had your key is a good search method. Check your pockets, handbags, between cushions on your furniture and anywhere else you might have gone while you had your keys. If you cannot locate them you'll need to have replacements made.

Step 2

Call your local Toyota dealership to schedule an appointment to have your keys replaced and programmed to work with your late model Prius.

Step 3

Call a local towing company to have your Prius towed to your local Toyota dealership. Your new key cannot be made and programmed with your Prius' internal computers without your car being present at the dealership.

Step 4

Pay for your new car keys. The cost for a smart key for a Prius is around $200.

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