How Do I Install 9006 HID Lights?

by Steve Bradley

If you want a simple aftermarket do-it-yourself project to perform on your vehicle, then installing some HID headlights may be the perfect choice. Not only will this give your automobile a fresh, European look; it will also provide you with headlights that are more effective and efficient. HID headlights work with a small ballast that regulates the flow of electricity, allowing them to burn brighter longer. To perform this task you'll only need a couple of basic hand tools and about half an hour.

Park your vehicle in an area that is well lit and level. Turn off the engine and let it cool for up to half an hour. Then pull the release latch to pop the hood. Go directly behind the headlight assembly to locate the access panel.

Remove the access panel or dust cover. This is usually held on by a couple of clips or small screws. Once off, you should see the wiring harness connected to the headlight assembly. Squeeze the base of the plug and pull it free from the headlight.

Reach into the headlight assembly and grasp the actual bulb. Give it a quarter turn to the left and remove it. Insert the 9006 HID replacement bulb and turn it to the right to lock it in place.

Attach the ballast to the back of the headlight assembly with the double sided tape that comes in the HID kit, then plug the wiring harness into the ballast. There will be a connecting wire in the kit that connects the ballast to the headlight. This way the ballast acts as a middle man between the auto's electrical system and the headlight.

Replace the access panel and close hood.

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