How Do I Program a Grand Prix Key Fob?

by Susanne Koenig
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Self-programming for your Grand Prix key fob is only available on models made before 2003. On all other models -- 2003 onward -- you must have an automotive locksmith or the dealership program the fob.

1994-1998 Key Fobs

Locate the black-and-white programming connector wire located in the right-hand side of the trunk. Pull back the trunk's lining to access it. On the end, you will find a terminal in a plastic connector. Place this against a bolt or the trunk latch. You will hear the locks cycle. Press any button on the remote, and listen for the locks to cycle again. Repeat this step for all remotes.

1998-2003 Key Fobs

Enter the car and close all doors. In the fuse panel, remove the "MALL PGM" fuse. Put your key into the ignition, and turn to "ACC." Turn the key on and off within a second. Open and close the driver's door and listen for the chime that indicates you are in programming mode. Press and hold the LOCK and UNLOCK buttons for 14 seconds, listening for the chime. Wait 14 seconds for the second chime. Repeat this step for all additional remotes, remove the key, replace the fuse, and exit the car. You will have programmed the remotes.

2004-2010 Key Fobs

In the interest of safety, Pontiac requires that you have 2004-2010 Grand Prix remotes programmed by a dealership or a factory-authorized automotive locksmith.

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