How to Disable the Toyota Prius Back Up Alarm

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

The Toyota Prius is not only the best-selling vehicle in Japan, it is also the best-selling hybrid vehicle in the United States. Toyota included a backup alarm or "beeper," beginning with all models sold since the second-generation Prius was introduced in 2004. The warning chime plays when the Prius is in reverse. Some owners find this feature annoying or distracting. Fortunately, the feature is customizable. You can avoid a trip to the dealer by disabling the alarm yourself.


Insert your smart key into the ignition and press the "Start" button to turn your Prius on. (Do not apply your foot to the brake pedal).


Press the trip odometer knob to cycle through the display; make sure the display shows the odometer (ODO).


Press the "Start" button again to turn the Prius off. Apply your foot to the brake pedal and turn your Prius on. Wait until the "Ready" bulb is illuminated.


Press and hold the trip odometer knob for 10 seconds. With the trip odometer knob still pressed, move the gear shift to reverse (R), and then back to park (P). Release the trip odometer knob. The odometer display will read "B Off."


  • check If the odometer display does not show "B Off," try the procedure again, or bring your Prius to your Toyota dealer. Some dealers will perform the procedure free of charge.
  • check Repeat the process to re-enable the feature. Make sure the odometer displays "B On."

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