How to Derestrict a Yamaha Razz Moped

by Samuel Hamilton

The top speed of a Yamaha Razz moped is restricted by a washer located on the front pulley rod of your moped's variator system. If you remove this washer from the front pulley rod, you will increase your Razz's top speed. Removing this restricting washer requires minimal mechanical know-how and a limited number of tools. Keep in mind that in some states, if derestricting your moped allows it to travel faster than 30 miles per hour, you must reregister it as a larger-class motorcycle at your local DMV.

Step 1

Remove the kick starter from the side of your Razz moped. A small pin attaches the starter to the molded plastic intake case on the left side of the scooter; loosen this pin and pull out slightly to detach the starter.

Step 2

Remove the three bolts holding the molded plastic intake case over the variator case using a socket wrench. (The intake case covers the variator case.)

Step 3

Unscrew the three bolts on the top of the variator case with a socket wrench, then unscrew the three bolts on the bottom of the case. Removing these bolts will allow you to remove the cover from the variator case, giving you access to the pulley system.

Step 4

Secure the front pulley wheel with a strap wrench. Wrap the strap end of the wrench around the front pulley wheel, tighten it and then wedge the handle of the strap wrench underneath the rear pulley wheel.

Step 5

Unscrew the bolt that holds the front pulley wheel in place using a standard socket wrench, then remove the front pulley wheel.

Step 6

Pull the restricting washer from the front pulley rod.

Step 7

Reassemble your front pulley wheel, your variator case and your intake case cover. Reattach your starter.

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