How to Make My Honda Elite Scooter Go Faster

by Samuel Hamilton
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Make your Honda Elite faster by addressing one of several key mechanical components of your scooter such as its airflow, exhaust, wind resistance and drive belt restriction. By making modifications to these components or by installing after-market products, you can cut down on mechanical inefficiency and increase your Elite's overall speed by up to 10 or so miles per hour.

Step 1

Drill holes into your Elite's intake or remove the intake entirely, to increase the airflow into your engine. The intake is the black, plastic part on the left side of your scooter above the box (variator system) to which your kickstart is attached. The intake attaches to your Elite's variator with two bolts, and secures underneath your rear wheel well with a single bolt.

Step 2

Swap out your scooter's muffler to eliminate excess fume buildup in your engine. Either remove your Eite's muffler altogether or replace it with a more efficient muffler from a scooter and motorcycle retailer. The muffler attaches to your Elite's exhaust system by a clip fastener and three bolts at the base of the muffler. Unclip the fastener and unscrew the bolts to remove the muffler.

Step 3

Install a windshield or wind guard to the front of your scooter to alleviate wind resistance and drag. Remove the minimal aesthetic paneling from the front of your Elite and then attach the aftermarket windshield by either screwing it into the holes left upon removing the aesthetic paneling or by fastening and clipping it to your handlebars.

Step 4

Remove the restricting washer from the variator system to derestrict your Elite. Unscrew the perimeter bolts and then detach the front pulley wheel to open up the variator system. Under this wheel, you will see a small washer that restricts your Elite's drive belt. Pull this washer off and put your variator back together to derestrict your scooter.

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