How to Tarp a Motorcycle

by Editorial Team

So you need to store your motorcycle for the winter and since you don't have a garage, you've decided tarping it is your best solution. Learning to store your motorcycle by properly using a tarp takes some basic knowledge, but it can be done. Here is how to tarp your motorcycle properly so you'll be ready to ride next season.

Step 1

Wash your bike. While it may be easier to throw the tarp on and forget about the dirt, the dirt can corrode and pit the chrome. You'd hate to see your nice, shinny pipes and bars pitted just because you neglected washing the motorcycle.

Step 2

Let the motorcycle dry completely before attempting to tarp and store your motorcycle. A wet bike is worse than a dirty bike when you tarp it. Avoid growing some science project by letting your bike dry completely before continuing.

Step 3

Get a tarp especially made to store your bike. Because of different saddle bag configurations and windshield heights, it makes sense to get a tarp made to fit your motorcycle. Make sure it is vented to let moisture escape. Also check to see if it is made of a scratch- and mildew-resistant material.

Step 4

Lay the tarp over the top of your motorcycle's windshield and spread it out around the seat. Gently pull the tarp down over the pipes and back wheel, then over the front, being careful not to slide the cover on the windshield too much.

Step 5

Tighten the drawstring and tie the tarp down if it includes a tie-down cord. This will help prevent your tarp from blowing off your motorcycle.

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