How to Derestrict a Honda Metropolitan Scooter

by Samuel Hamilton
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Honda Metropolitan scooters, like most scooters, are restricted by a small washer that can be found on the front pulley road inside the scooter's variator system. Removing this washer derestricts the variator system, resulting in quicker pick-up and a faster top-speed. In order to access this washer and thus derestrict your Honda Metropolitan, you must disassemble the variator system using various wrenches.

Step 1

Take your Metropolitan's kickstand off. The kickstand is secured with a small pin that must be loosened with a socket wrench before you can pull it out and remove the kickstand.

Step 2

Unscrew the six bolts holding the metal lid of your variator case in place and take the lid off of your scooter. The variator case is the thing your kickstand was attached to. The six bolts are located around the perimeter of the lid.

Step 3

Remove the front wheel in your variator system. The front wheel is part of a pulley system and it is held in place by a single bolt through its center point. In order to remove this bolt, you will either need an air-powered impact wrench, or a strap wrench and a socket wrench. The impact wrench is powerful enough to loosen and remove the bolt without turning the pulley wheel. Or, you can secure the front wheel with the strap wrench and remove the bolt with a hand-operated socket wrench.

Step 4

Take the small washer off of the rod that supported the front pulley wheel. This washer is the component of your Metropolitan that restricts its speed.

Step 5

Put your Metropolitan back together. Ensure that the bolts -- particularly the bolt holding the pulley wheel -- are tightened sufficiently, otherwise your scooter could rattle apart during operation.

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