How to Remove a Fan Clutch From a Water Pump

by Donna Tinus
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Your vehicle's cooling fan is attached to its drive pulley with a clutch. Clutch fans work to reduce strain on the engine and save fuel. If the engine is hot, the clutch fan runs fast and if the engine is cold, the clutch fan will run more slowly. It is operated with a valve that opens and closes to control the flow of silicone fluid between the chambers of the clutch assembly. The method of removing a fan clutch on a car varies by make and manufacturer. Some general instructions apply to most types. Regardless of manufacturer, removing a fan clutch requires a specific tool called a strap wrench.

Step 1

Position the strap wrench to the water pump's pulley to keep the pulley from turning while you take off the bolt on the front of the water pump where the fan clutch is attached.

Step 2

Loosen the large nut on the front of the water pump by turning it counterclockwise with a wrench. You may have to hit the wrench with a small mallet to get it going. If it doesn't turn, then try to turn it clockwise. Some of the nuts are threaded to the right and some to the left, depending on the manufacturer.

Step 3

Screw off the bolt(s) on top of the fan shroud using a socket wrench. There may be a couple bolts, or there may be one large one on the front.

Step 4

Slide the fan clutch off the front of the water pump and lift it out of the engine compartment.

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