How to Split a Nut With a Chisel

by Cody Sorensen
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If you have a nut that won't come off and you're looking for a way to remove it, consider using a chisel. You can split a nut with a chisel without doing harm to the bolt. Chisels work well when you need to remove a nut without using a cutting torch of reciprocating saw. It doesn't matter if the nut has seized to the bolt with corrosion or rust, because splitting it breaks this bond.

Step 1

Drill a vertical hole down through the side of the nut using an electric drill and an appropriately sized drill bit. The size of the drill bit will depend on the size of the nut you're removing.

Step 2

Set the tip of a flat-edged chisel on the top of the nut so that the chisel blade is in line with the bolt shaft. The chisel blade should be directly over the drilled hole.

Step 3

Strike the head of the chisel repeatedly with a hammer until it splits and can be removed from the bolt. If you're having a hard time after you've split one side, drill a hole on the other side of the nut and split the nut into two halves.

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