How to Customize a Car Horn

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Whether you're looking to customize your entire vehicle or just add something unique and amusing to it, a customized car horn is a fun way to distinguish your vehicle from all of the others. You can customize your horn inexpensively and have hours of fun with it.

Decide what kind of customized horn you'd like. You can put an entirely new horn in the vehicle or use a device to make the horn play MP3's (see Resources below).

Install the MP3 device, if that's what you've selected for your customized horn. These devices simply plug into your vehicle straight from the box and don't need any specialized installation before using them. You can easily convert your favorite MP3's into customized horn sounds and import the MP3 files from your computer to the device. You can use songs, catch phrases or various horn sounds with these devices.

Place your new horn into the vehicle if you have opted to purchase an entirely new horn. One example of this method of customization is to purchase an air horn from an auto parts store and connect it to your existing car horn system. This will give you a much louder horn than what comes factory installed on most smaller vehicles.


  • check Check local noise ordinances to be sure that your new horn isn't too loud for the area that you live in.


  • close Remember that the wiring for car horns is always connected to the horn fuse and can go off even when the vehicle is turned off. The noise could cause you a scare and possible injury if you aren't ready for it while working under the hood of your vehicle.

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