Cool Things to Put on a Car Dashboard

by Jagg Xaxx
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A car dashboard is useful in that it separates the engine from the passenger compartment, but sometimes a dashboard is lacking in personality. You can liven up your dashboard and your car by covering the dashboard with cool and intriguing objects. Some of them can be practical, others can be whimsical and bizarre, but they will all be cool.

Useful Things

An small clock with an adhesive back stuck to the middle of your dashboard is a very useful car accessory, particularly if your car clock is broken or non-existent. If you don't have a cup holder, you can epoxy one onto your dashboard too, and stick a pen holder and a small pad of paper next to that. All of these things will be useful at some point in your driving future.

Cool Things

A dashboard is a place for you to express yourself with cool things. Just remember that your cool things will get very hot when you park in the sun, so don't put anything there that will melt. Also, don't stack them so high that they obscure your vision, as this is dangerous and illegal. Consider these cool things for your dashboard: deer antler, 8 ball, piece of petrified wood, dried flower, oddly shaped rock, pine cone, coaster from Hard Rock Shanghai, small model car that looks exactly like your car, dried leaf, shoe found on the side of the road, dessicated snake or a small fossil. If you are religious, a small plastic Jesus and an accompanying plastic Mary may be appropriate on your dashboard to watch over you while you are driving.

Extremely Cool Things

These include a Don Cherry bobble-head doll, a receipt from the Stallion bordello in Sparks, Nevada, a bullet, a silver paperweight that used to belong to your grandfather, six acorns from underneath a live oak in Biloxi, Mississippi, an abandoned bird's nest with strands of barbed wire woven into it, a glass eye, Thelonious Monk's autograph and a vertebrae from a cow.

The Coolest Things Imaginable

You will need a very cool car or these will just look pretentious. A photo of you with Bob Dylan, an autographed first edition of "On the Road," a piece of the space shuttle, a gold nugget, and an eight inch diameter sea urchin with the spines still attached.

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