How to Convert to LED Headlights

by Dale Yalanovsky

LED headlights are the new wave for lighting efficiency and service life. Although relatively new on the market, many higher-end auto manufacturers are making them standard equipment. Because LED headlights are so new, finding them for your car may be a bit difficult, so limit your search to larger auto parts stores either in person or online. Expect to pay a premium price for this technology when you choose to convert, but as they become more common, the price will go down and the availability will increase.

Remove the lens cover from the current headlights on your car, if applicable. Headlights can also be accessed from beneath the hood inside the headlight mount.

Unplug the standard incandescent bulb out of the socket from either the front or from beneath the hood, whichever way is applicable for your make and model of vehicle.

Plug the new LED replacement bulb directly into the socket of your vehicle. LED bulbs are direct replacements, and will fit in any headlight application, provided the make and model of vehicle is used as a reference for obtaining the correct LED bulb.

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