Specifications for Halogen Headlight Amperage

by Tammie Painter
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Most cars today come standard with halogen headlights. When shopping for a new halogen light, the auto shop will have a book to look up the bulb needed for your vehicle, but you may want to know the amperage of the bulb, especially if you have non-factory headlamps.

55-Watt Bulb

A 55-watt bulb run at 12 volts and draws 4.58 amps. These bulbs typically provide about 4,000 candela -- a measurement of light intensity. While they use only 55 watts, these halogen bulbs deliver 100 to 125 watts of light. 55-watt bulbs are typically used for standard headlights.

60-Watt Bulb

A 60-watt halogen bulb draws 5 amps of power. These bulbs have an intensity of about 4,000 candela and deliver around 135 watts of light. High beam headlights generally use a 60-watt bulb.

35-Watt Bulb

A 35-watt halogen bulb running at 12 volts draws 2.92 amps. These lamps are typically used as fog lights and deliver 70 watts of light while using only 35 watts of power.

45-Watt Bulb

A 45-watt bulb draws 3.75 amps of power running at 12 volts. These lamps deliver 95 watts of light. The 45-watt bulb is used in some vehicles as the standard headlight bulb.

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