How to Convert a Crew Cab Into Sleeping Quarters

by Michael Davidson
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A crew cab is an extended forward-facing, rear-seating area commonly found in pickup trucks. The crew cab allows more passengers to sit in the truck cab and gives everyone in the cab more room than a traditional truck cab. Although crew cabs can make driving more comfortable, some people need to sleep in them while hauling cargo cross-country or performing other arduous tasks. Although crew cabs are not designed to be motel rooms, you can convert them into sleeping quarters when need be with a bit of preparation.

Step 1

Lift up the arm rest in between the seats if possible. You will have a much smoother sleeping surface if you can make the front seat one long bench without any obstructions.

Step 2

Lay a sleeping pad down across the seats to provide cushioning. Foam pads are normally sold for beds and they can be easily cut down to the dimensions of the crew cab seat. When not in use, the pad can be rolled up and stored in the back.

Step 3

Place a sleeping bag over the pad. This helps make you more comfortable while also protecting the pad against getting dirty from sweat or skin oil. Sleeping bags are easier to clean since they can be thrown right into the washing machine.

Step 4

Position a pillow on one end of the cab and lay down length-wise across the cab, resting your head on the pillow.

Step 5

Cover yourself in a sheet or a blanket.

Step 6

Place an alarm clock down on the floorboard of the cab so it can wake you when you need to get up. A cell phone also is useful for this because most varieties come with an alarm function.

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