How to Contact Ford Motor Company

by Kahlie Richards

Ford Motor Company is a maker of trucks, cars, SUVs and other vehicles. They offer Ford, Lincoln, Mercury and Volvo brands. The company started with only Ford vehicles in a wagon shop in Michigan. Henry Ford was the person who started it all. According to, "While always a dutiful contributor to the family farm, Henry's earliest exposure to his real passion---machinery and mechanics---came from visits to town with his father, where he saw some of the earliest technology of machines, engines and mills." Ford vehicles have been among the world's most popular trucks, cars and SUVs. If you need to contact them, follow the simple instructions below.

Use a computer with Internet connection and keyboard. Open your web browser and type the Ford Motor Company's website the address bar. Go to the bottom of the site and click "Contact Ford." It will show the important information you need.

Talk to your Sales Representative or Service Advisor at your selling/servicing dealership if you have issues or questions. To find your dealership contact information, go to the bottom of the page and click "Dealer Directory." You can see lists of vehicle brands and states. Just select the brand and the state to narrow your search. Then select the city and it will show the list of the dealer(s) with complete address(es) and phone number(s). You can call or pay them a visit. If you want to send an email, just click the highlighted name of the dealer or "Visit such Dealer" link. Then look for "Contact Us" button which is usually on the right side of the page under Quick Links, and click it. Fill out the necessary information and type your request then submit it. Wait for the reply or call. If he/she still does not resolve your concern, talk to the Sales Manager or Service Manager at the dealership.

Contact the Ford Motor Company if your problem cannot be resolved by the dealership level. Visit the website again and click "Contact Ford" at the bottom of the page. If you live in the United States and Canada, use the phone and mail information shown in order to contact them. You can email them with your comments or questions about the company, vehicles and service by selecting the topic you want. Fill out the required information and submit it. You may also send it to the Board of Directors to the address shown below: Board of Directors Ford Motor Company P.O. Box 685 Dearborn, MI 48126-0685 U.S.A.

Click "Visit Ford Global" if you are outside the United States and Canada to get your local contact information. You can see North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East, Africa and Caribbean. Just put the cursor on each name and it will list down the countries. Choose the country where you live and the vehicle brand. Use the link to locate the dealer nearest you. You can also click "Contact Us" link to show the contact information you may need.

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