Club Car Engine Specs

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Founded in 1958, Club Car is a leading producer of electric and compact vehicles, providing vehicles for personal use and for the hospitality, agricultural, recreational and industrial markets. Club Car sells a range of models, with several different engine types, in its personal and commercial lines.

The DS Player Engine Specs

The DS Player is a classic Club Car that brought many new innovations to the compact-vehicle industry. The DS seats two and is currently available with either an electric- or a gas-powered engine. The electric engine has 3.2 horsepower at 2,400 rpm (continuous) or up to 10 horsepower at 1,125 rpm (intermittent). It runs on six 8-volt batteries and has an automatic 48-volt DC 17-amp charger. The overhead-valve Kawasaki four-cycle, single-cylinder, air-cooled and pressure-lubricated gas engine is 286 cubic centimeters, with a spin-on oil filter. It has 9.5 horsepower at 3,600 rpm, and a 12-volt battery.

Street-Legal Low-Speed Vehicles

The Village LSV series of vehicles are street legal. They run on an electric 48-volt DC motor with 5 horsepower, continuous, and up to 14 horsepower at intervals, with a reduced reverse speed. The Village LSV uses six 8-volt batteries and and has a 350-amp on-board charger.

Club Car Utility Vehicles

Club Car's line of utility vehicles features the 4X4 Caryall 295, which comes with a proprietary IntelliTrak All-Wheel Drive System. The Caryall 295 is a high-performance utility vehicle available with either a gas or diesel engine. The gas version has an industrial-grade 675-cc air-cooled Kawasaki four-cycle overhead-valve engine with twin cylinders. It offers 23 horsepower, and comes with a transitorized magneto ignition and a 12-volt electrical system. It has a maximum torque of 39.8 foot-pounds. The diesel engine is a liquid-cooled 719-cc Kubota D722 with three cylinders. It is a 20 horsepower engine with a compression ignition and a 12-volt electrical system. It has a maximum torque of 33 foot-pounds.

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