G.M. 3900 V-6 Engine Specifications

by Nikki Van De Walle
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The GM 3900 V6 engine is also called the 3900 High-Value V6 and is part of the High Value engine series by GM. All of the engines in the High-Value series have 60-degree overhead valves. GM manufactured the 3900 V6 as a replacement for the GM 3800 V6. It began manufacturing the 3900 High-Value engine series in the 2006 model of the Pontiac G6, and stopped manufacturing it in 2009 with the Buick Lucerne.


The 3900 V6 engine was used in a variety of vehicles that had different power requirements. The horsepower of the engine varied based on the model of car that the engine was installed in. The Buick Lucerne engine has 219 horsepower at 5,700 revolutions per minute (rpm), and the Lucerne LGD has 227 horsepower at 5,700 rpm. The Pontiac G6 Convertible has 222 horsepower at 5,600 rpm. The Chevy Impala Bin 4 Emissions LGD has 224 horsepower at 5,700 rpm, and the Bin 5 has 233 horsepower at 5,600 rpm. An LGD engine is a flexible fuel engine that can operate on a blend of gasoline and up to 85 percent ethanol. It is often referred to as E85 capable. Bin 4 Emissions and Bin 5 Emission refers to the level of emissions the vehicle will produce based on American regulations.


Similar to the variations in horsepower, the 3900 V6 engine also has torque variations by model. The Buick Lucerne features 234 foot-pounds at 3,200 rpm and the Lucerne LGD features 237 foot-pounds at 3,200 rpm. The Chevy Impala Bin 4 features 224 foot-pounds at 5,700 rpm, and the Bin 5 features 233 foot-pounds at 5,600 rpm. The G6 Convertible features 222 foot-pounds at 5,600 rpm.


The 3900 V6 engine has 60-degree overhead valves. The engine has two valves per cylinder. The 3900 V6 also features dual variable valve timing. Other features include a 3.9-liter displacement and 3.31-inch stroke. As of November 2010, the GM High Feature V6 series is replacing the 3900 V6 and High-Value series.

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