Difference Between 325 & 328 BMW

by ScottLuptowski
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BMW uses a standardized system of numbers and letters to name its automobiles. At first glance it can be tough to distinguish between different versions of BMW cars. For example, the BMW 325 and 328 models are very similar, but they differ in the size of their engines.

Model Names

BMW names and numbers its cars based on the size of the engine. To determine how big any BMW's engine is, look at the second and third numbers in the car's name. The "25" in BMW 325 means that the car has an engine with 2.5 liters of displacement, while the "28" in BMW 328 means the car has an engine with 2.8 liters of displacement.


When a car has more liters of displacement than another, that car typically has more horsepower. Thus the 328 has more horsepower than the 325. The actual horsepower rating for the vehicles depends on their model year.

Fuel Injection

The letter "i" that commonly follows numbers in BMW models, as in 325i and 328i, means that the car's engine uses fuel injection technology. Nearly every BMW uses fuel injection.

Other packages

Sometimes, other letters may trail the number. For example, the "x" in 325xi or 328xi means that the car uses all-wheel drive instead of rear-wheel drive. BMWs powered by diesel use the letter "d" instead of the letter "i." The coupe variations of the 325i and 328i are known as the 325ci and 328ci.

Performance Packages

Other versions of the 325 or 328 may have different body packages and performance upgrades. These can be anything from a diesel engine to a factory-installed performance or speed package. Consult the appropriate owner's manual to determine all of the subtle differences.

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